About Us

Formed in April 2005 by Chris Chapman, and based in Edinburgh, the Company is a small independent developer of computer games, and gaming related technology. We are a software focused business, and the bulk of our time is spent working with other studios, collaborating on game projects. Our client list includes Evolution Studios, Microsoft Game Studios, Four Door Lemon, 4J Studios, and various other teams who you most likely won't have heard of.

Effective development processes are important to us, and we put great effort into making the Company an enjoyable place to work, while still being efficient and productive. Making games is highly creative work, and it requires happy and enthusiastic developers.

We pride ourselves on our flexibility and ability to deliver exactly what our clients need, and do whatever it takes to help them get their titles out on time, and on budget.

Email: info@blackcompanystudios.co.uk
Black Company Studios Limited, The Melting Pot, 5 Rose Street, Edinburgh, EH2 2PR
Registered in Scotland (SC283017) VAT Reg. No.: 886 4592 64
Last modified: June 29 2015.