Our Skills

We've been at the business of making games for a long time, and have tackled making games on pretty much all of the major platforms. We've been down the long hard development road, and know what mistakes not to make. We've always focused on what we consider most important - delivering great games, efficiently. We pride ourselves on being flexible, effective developers, able to deliver exactly what our clients need and our customers want. We relish working with other small developers, because we believe that co-operation makes the industry better for all of us, especially in a tough market.

We have strong ties with several small developers around the UK, working with them to help deliver their games to the market. In addition, we work with much larger partners like Sony and Microsoft on ensuring that their titles fulfil their potential. We've also worked with academic organisations on educational titles, developing prototypes to combine learning with fun gameplay.

Over the course of 2009/10, we worked with Microsoft Games Studios on some interesting tools and build pipeline work, primarily working on Crackdown 2 with Ruffian.

We've found time to release an iPhone application, and we have a couple more in the pipeline. We've also been working with several different clients on all manner of mobile applications, from virtual tours to poker analytics.

And back when we were still working for VIS Entertainment, Tim and I worked together on Brave: The Search for Spirit Dancer, developed with SCEE, which is soon to be followed up by Brave: A Warrior's Tale

Or, if your taste run more to aliens, marines, giant mechanical suits, and just generally large amounts of killing, you might want to check out Tremulous, a popular FPS based on the Quake III engine, developed as an open source project headed by our associate Tim Angus. With over 60,000 games and more than 1 million downloads, it's quite a success!

We pride ourselves on our breadth of knowledge and experience, and on our ability to be flexible and effective for our clients. So there are very few areas of game development that we haven't worked on at some point. But to give some idea, here is a brief summary in bullet point form.

  • iPhone App/Game development
  • Engine design/programming
    • Scripting (Lua, Python)
    • Loading/streaming
    • Memory management
    • Skeletal animation
    • User Interfaces
    • Playstation 2 TRCs
    • Rendering engines (PC/XBox)
    • Video streaming
    • Distributed network architecture
  • Gameplay/Content Programming
    • Mission Logic
    • Artificial Intelligence
    • In game cut-scenes
    • Visual Effects
    • Audio & Interactive Music
  • Optimisation (high and low level)
  • Platform specific abstraction layers
  • Build Pipelines
    • Exporters
      • Collada
      • Maya
      • 3DS Max
    • Converters
    • Statistics and reporting
    • Automated build processes
    • Automated testing
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