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Celebrity Slap – Wii

Posted in Design Ideas on December 16th, 2008 by MrCranky

This one came up during the drive home from a long weekend up north, while listening to one of those ‘Greatest Movie Songs Ever’ type of albums. They all seem to have Love Is All Around on them; great for singing along to, as long as you haven’t heard it recently. I mentioned to my travelling companions just how quickly it brought up memories of Four Weddings and a Funeral – within a few bars of the opening you could close your eyes and  imagine Hugh Grant’s face in front of you, itching to be slapped.

My fiancée took this to the next level though, as we’d been playing Rayman over the weekend, and one of it’s mini-games involves slapping choir-boysrabbits singing out of tune. The Wii-mote’s got such a nice motion for slapping, including a little noise/rumble when you connect. And so “Celebrity Slap – Wii” was born. All of the most annoying celebrities in popular culture today, moving around the screen. You wouldn’t need ultra-realistic models, just inflated mug-shots on wobbly-headed avatars – it’s the face you want to slap really.

You could have all different sorts of scoring modes: “Slap the Talent/Popularity Stars” – where you have to only slap celebrities who’ve been on X-Factor or Strictly Come Superstar; “Slap the Slappers” – where you have to only slap celebrities famous for their ridiculous love-lives. The possibilities are endless. You’d have to localise it of course, every country has it’s own set slappable figures; you could have a nostalgia version where you get to slap Timmy Mallet and Noel Edmonds and the like, or a music version with Britney Spears, et al.

Sadly though, the copyright and libel issues on this one put me off actually making it, so I’m giving this idea away free to the world. All I ask is that I get a free copy, so that if it does appear, I can have an enjoyable half hour slapping the Gallagher brothers.

Morning walks

Posted in Design Ideas, Tales from the grind-stone on December 3rd, 2007 by MrCranky

One of the good things about my new, doctor ordered, walk to the office in the morning is that it gives me 20 minutes or so of un-interrupted thinking time. I can’t do anything, no-one is asking me anything, so my mind is free to wander. This last week we’ve been brain-storming development ideas for our own games, finally. Engine and tools work is all very nice and satisfying, but without a clear end-goal, it’s not so productive.

So Pete and I had a proper idea generating session last week, and settled on a plan for making a small game as a first step. Well, second step really – as an intermediate step we’re making Pong, on the grounds that if the engine can do Pong, then it has all the components necessary to prototype game-play for our real first title.

The walk to work this morning though was about coming up with the concept for the real game though – we had some good game-play ideas, but nothing to tie them together into a game. I’m very much in favour of the few-short-paragraphs-of-exposition-then-into-the-game approach (think Super Mario Brothers), but we still need that exposition to give us something to focus the game style around. And a name for our protagonist always helps to coalesce ideas around as well.

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