Having to buy my own coffee again

A big sigh of relief this morning – back at my own desk, drinking my own coffee; no more 45 minute commute. Also feeling substantially healthier than last week, thankfully. I’m conscious of the factor over-working played in my body’s rebellion against me, and so even though I have a huge stack of work to be getting through, I am going to make an effort to only work 9 till 5, Monday to Friday for a couple of weeks to give my system a break.

On the agenda for this morning: some routine checking up on our finances and future, some emails and phonecalls to make relating to our next project, and then some planning work. I’ve decided to use the manual XP recommended way of tracking work (8×5 cards, with items written on them), for which I need to actually go and buy some stationery, but I am putting that off until tomorrow.

A minor side note: since the forums are currently sitting dusty and unused, I’m going to put them into hibernation until they are needed again. While I like the idea of a discussion and feedback place, there isn’t much call for that for the next little while, and the constant phpBB security patching process is quite annoying. It is also, even fully patched, a potential security hole in the site, so minimising our exposure seems prudent. Plus the fact that it makes the site seem stagnant, and if the blog is the only frequently updated part of it, I’d rather that be explicit.

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