Milestones and maths

Not much for posting recently as we’ve had our heads down getting things done. We passed milestone 1 of our build at the start of the month (well actually a few days before – how good are we!), and have been cracking on getting more visible functionality in, less on the under-the-hood work. It was quite a nice moment when we saw the models and environments from our old game going in (the most complicated art I had to hand), after a few false starts.

Most annoying thing so far has been the two days spent on thrashing out a problem in the graphics projection code, only to find out it wasn’t a high level conceptual problem at all, but rather an assumption that our underlying maths library was fine. Turns out we were transforming 3D vectors by a 4D matrix, but ignoring the 4th column. Of course, the 4th column is rarely used for most 3D work, except in projection matrices. D’oh! All fixed, and another story to be marked as done.

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