Spambots in overdrive

So I get the feeling that the amount of spam comments that come into the blog is actually increasing at an exponential rate. Since I last checked a few weeks ago, more spam has received than Akismet had processed in total prior to this lot. I guess this is an inevitability as the blog is around for longer and appears in more spam-bot lists. Anyway, Akismet is doing its job nicely, and only 9 of the several thousand comments slipped through, and since I have moderation on, none of those made it onto the live site.

Busy week last week – approval meeting for milestone 2 of the current project, and a meeting up in Dundee with 4J as to our next one. One of the things discussed was how much I would say on this blog about it, and for obvious reasons I’ll be keeping shtoom about most of the detail; however its looking pretty likely that we’ll be working with 4J for a few months, on an unannounced title, on unannounced platforms. So that will mean that my blog entries for the next while will be tending towards rants on software and the games industry in general, and commentary on the gaming news.

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