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So, I decided to add a bit of PHP to the bottom of the web site pages that displays when the particular page was last updated, and the About page hadn’t been updated since August 2006! That’s pretty bad on my part, so I must apologise. It annoys me when other people let their website go stale, but it’s a bit hypocritical to expect it of others when we don’t do it ourselves. So henceforth I pledge to keep the site more up to date and freshen things more regularly. That goes on the pledge list, probably somewhere around 600th or something. But I’ll try. In addition, I’ve added a Jobs page for the future, although it is empty at the moment, I thought I should have one. We certainly get enough CVs and people fishing for jobs, at least now I can filter out the ones who don’t read past the front page and just spam email everyone.

A little hint for anyone thinking of contacting us about a job: those who show that they’ve actually read the site and done at least some research into the Company are immediately rated above those who just have a list of emails and send off a form mail to all of them

We’re transitioning between projects this week, so Pete and I have been going over what we’ve done for the last few months, how things have gone, what we’ve got and where we’re going. And things are looking pretty good – we’re quite proud of the work we did with Add Knowledge; while there was the usual mad rush to wedge things in, looking back on it we can do some quick re-factoring to turn it into something maintainable and re-usable. Our internal code-base is looking reasonably plump with functionality for making games with, and we’re happy with the style and content. Unit-testing could be more wide-spread and thorough, but that will have to be a long term goal. All in all, I’d rate our performance probably a B for the last project – good, but room for improvement.

Coming up in the near future – well, starting our next project hopefully. Also I’ll probably be looking around for some small cheap office space for us to set up in – a more permanent base from which to grow. And grow we shall – there’s lots for us to do, and only so much time in the day.

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