Evolution Studios

So we’ve been working with Evolution Studios since early February. Familiar for developing the World Rally Championship series, and more recently Motorstorm, they are now part of a much larger group since becoming part of SCEE last September. We’re working on support tools for Evolution rather than assisting with their game development in any way, but with such large teams and a wide range of titles in development, it’s a challenging task. The work is interesting, and we’re learning to love C# and hate it’s oddities. Also I’m getting to know the train down to Runcorn quite intimately, as we visit Evolution regularly to go over recent developments and decide where to go next. I can honestly say it’s an enlightening experience, although at the moment the biggest thing learned is don’t ever, ever attempt to eat any of the food provided in the Warrington Bank Quay station “buffet”.

2 Responses to “Evolution Studios”

  1. Larry Says:

    Indeed, Warrington station is a hole…

    If you’re ever going to be down of a weekend, gimme a shout – assuming I’m in country we can ‘do lunch’ or whatever the cool kids call it these days… 🙂

  2. MrCranky Says:

    Sounds good – Mondays tend to be Evolution days though rather than the weekends.

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