Je suis retourné

Yes, back from the roaming around the States, although my body’s clock still says I’m somewhere in the mid Atlantic I think. Hotel wi-fi access was pretty sporadic sadly, even the places that charged 10 USD a day for internet access were pretty flaky and hard to connect to. And goodness knows how much malware and traffic snooping was going on. Suffice to say that any sensitive stuff was entered via LogMeIn to the office machine so it wasn’t out in the open.

Anyway, that paranoia aside, I certainly got less blogging than I wanted to done, as I was going to catch up on my backlog. That in itself was probably good though, in that I got more time enjoying the holiday (and the generalised madness that is being a tourist in the USA) instead.

Everyone has seemed to get along just fine without me anyway, the clients all seemed quite happy with the work getting done, none of the team got ill or went crazy, and the office didn’t burn down. So all in all a successful trip away. Lot’s of paperwork and admin to catch up on though, and getting back up to speed with our 3 projects.

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