That Monday feeling

I’m actually feeling quite energetic this morning, oddly enough. I credit it to the lovely roast beef dinner I cooked last night. Can’t beat a huge slab of red meat and enough yorkshire puddings, tatties and veg to feed a whole family.

Onwards today – we have Pete in reviewing the code thats been written so far; since its all very common code, it’ll probably be used as a reference point for the style that we use in the future, so its quite important we’re happy with the way its laid out. Also we’re continuing with the tools development, and I’m going to be looking at the automated build process to see what we want in it to help us develop nice clean, portable code.

We’ve also got some second hand kit being donated soon – over onto which we’ll switch the source control and build processes, and reserving a machine solely for backup purposes (instead of relying solely on off-site backups like we do now).

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