Sorry, I can’t hear you

Well, after some tortuous effort and a lot of patience, I’ve finally wrangled the new kit into submission and its now running nice and stable with a brand new and shiney installation of Debian on it. I’ve still to transfer over the Subversion and web repositories, or to get the Samba stuff working properly so that I can do backups simply by copying over the network, but its all looking good. Only slight problem is the volume of the fan, which unfortunately means anyone coming in to talk to me has to speak in a very loud voice. But such is the price to pay for shiney new toys, and it only has to wait until I get a new (quieter) fan delivered soon. Also new is a better printer and a flatbed scanner, meaning I can hook up a PC-based fax machine as well, which should prove useful.

On an unrelated note, we’re actively seeking new contracts to pitch for again, and advertising ourselves to the various games companies in and around the UK; to let them know we’re here, what we can do, and to see what they need done.

Also managed to finish Peopleware and give the Design Patterns bible a good going over as well – both highly recommended, and I think I’ve gotten a lot out of them. I must admit, it was a bit scary to see all of the bad management pitfalls mentioned in Peopleware were represented to some degree in my previous jobs. Still, they’re in the past, and hopefully I can avoid making them for our company in the future. 🙂

One Response to “Sorry, I can’t hear you”

  1. PeterM Says:

    I felt the same after Peopleware. But I think because of the evolutionary nature of a company it’s not possible to have a perfect working environment without some heavy forethought.

    I think it’s like software. Everybody knows that bugs shouldn’t happen, but software is complicated and people forget things. Sometimes with business there are more pressing matters than fixing some process to make your employees happier.

    But then again, some mistakes are just dumb. That’s like software too!

    By the way, if you want to swap the books back just give me a shout. I don’t mind if you want to hang onto them for a while longer.

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