Well, thats that contract done with – can finally spend some time back in the office, tying up loose ends after 4 weeks, 9 till 5 in someone elses office. Good news – the company were glad to have me working there and everyone said nice things about me and my abilities/manner. šŸ™‚ Bad news – come home and fire up the server machine to put some stuff into source control, to find out its pretty much toast. šŸ™

So, will probably strip the machine and build it back up with the older motherboard/CPU I have – its much slower, but unless I get to the root of the reliability problems I’ve been having with the machine, its pretty much useless anyway. All I really need is a CPU, disk, network card and CD-ROM and it’ll suffice, but it has to reliable (and preferably be a bit quieter than the current one, which sounds like a hoover running – not a good thing for a machine that serves its purpose best when its on 24/7).

Will have to look at a list of objectives for the company as well; things have been somewhat slow recently, I want to get a handle on where we are going, how fast we want to get there, etc. Priorities really – the one thing you get from working a contract full time is a list of things you want to work on when you get a chance.

In non-company news – the Insolvency Payments people have come through on the unpaid protective award I was due from VIS – so thats a nice little bit of cash to help things along over Christmas. Yay for slow but steady government bureaucracy! šŸ˜€

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