Shiny toys

Writing this entry from the latest addition to the Company’s inventory – a shiny new Dell Precision M65 notebook. I finally got fed up with the fact that I was essentially hamstrung whenever away from the home office, just due to not having the software/data available to me to work, even when I found time. So now I can work while travelling, and should hopefully be more productive.

Lots going on the last couple of weeks, trying to sort out a plan for a potential development deal which would allow us to ramp up and start hiring more people. Nothing confirmed as yet, but the project is interesting, so I’m eager to make a go of it!

Looks like the release date for Brave (US) is going to be the second week in August this year; don’t know how solid that is, but I’ve passed off the components of a Brave build to Evolved, hopefully they should be moving forward with that.

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