Weekly spam trawl

Well, its time for the Monday morning spam trawl of the web-site. Akismet has been doing a good job of catching blog comment spam, but I still have to deal with the dozens of weekly bogus forum registrations by spambots. Oddly, they don’t post anything, just register; but I don’t want the forum memberlist to consist almost entirely by fake accounts. I suspect quite a few of them are actually searching for phpBB forums on outdated/vulnerable board versions. We keep pretty up to date on our versions, but I don’t think the bots discriminate.

Still, it’s something to do while on hold to Pipex to see about getting some resolution on this regular connection drop-out we’ve been getting. There are few things more frustrating than getting 90% of the way through uploading a 1.5GB submission image and having the connection drop.

Only news really worth commenting on is Sony’s PS3 delay in Europe – that’s really going to hurt them this generation. The PS3 is already massively over-priced, any more reasons not to buy it will wipe further swathes off the number of units they finally sell. As it stands, PS3 is difficult to programme, more difficult to get concept approval on, more expensive to buy, and not likely to gain any significant purchase on the market until late next year. So not many compelling reasons to work on a title for them now then. My money’s still on Nintendo for the most effective return on your game development pound.

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