Very funny Mac Hall today – describes pretty much every new game artist’s desk.

A mixed bag of work the last couple of weeks, small amounts of work on lots of different projects. Unfortunately Brave came back again, so submission 1.02 had to be made; cross fingers that it goes through okay this time, as the only big bugs remaining were all caused by what seemed to be a faulty burn of the discs.

The only thing that stands out of note is the time I’ve spent writing unit tests for a lot of old code. While I can’t hope to get full coverage on such a large body of work, it has been quite an eye opener. Two major bugs, and a few minors which just never came up (or the code which exercised them managed to work around it in some way). Now I throw up my hands and admit – one of the majors was mine, but everyone who wrote this stuff should have known better. Anyway, a very poignant  reminder of just how useful test driven development is.

For reference, we’re using UnitTest++ by Noel Llopis and Charles Nicholson. Very nice – lightweight, took me 10 minutes to get integrated and compiling a test against our code, and has continued to do its job well through writing 100+ tests now. All in all exactly what a good tool should be – doing its job without me ever having to be aware of it.

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