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This wiki is the repository for both the Coding Standards and the Coding Guidelines for Black Company Studios. It is public for anyone to read, not from any kind of ego or marketeering; rather because it takes ages to write a standards document, and as its based on well revised and debated standards, it might be useful to others looking for a place to start with theirs. However, like all coding standards, it is open to update and refinement as we continue on the never-ending road of development. Such revisions will be noted here.

It is a C++ standard, as the majority of our work is done in that language, but it also covers C, and the general rules cover scripting languages as well. It is not intended to be a C++ specific standard (hence has many C-isms), and it is intended to focus on the requirements of code used in game development situations (and as such is probably not so useful in a more general software context).

Here we discuss issues which are relevant in game software development which drive some of the decisions made here.

There are also pages containing excerpts from well respected C++ programming books. Book TOCs

NB: The wiki-spam-bots finally found the site and tried to modify it, so I've had to disable anonymous edits and new user creation. :-( Email me at for an account to edit things, or post in the discussion forums. Sorry for the inconvenience.

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