2 years

Of course, the end of our second tax year is not nearly so significant a date as the 2 year anniversary of our date of incorporation. But that was yesterday, so I’ve missed it! Gah. In my defence, I was working very hard yesterday, as I was feeling productive. And I still have a wretched viral infection, although I’m not feeling as bad as I was at the weekend, so no celebrating for me. Boo, hiss.

Anyway, here’s a quick link to another new start-up – Power of Two Games, run by Charles Nicolson and Noel Llopis, both of whom post regularly on the game-dev mailing lists and have done some great stuff which we’ve learned from here (not least of which, UnitTest++, a version of which we use at the Company for our own unit testing). All the best to the guys, and it’s great to see that I finally have an office that’s bigger than someone else’s!

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