New office

Well, BT have (finally) managed to sort themselves out and install a phone line into the new office, which was the only thing holding up us moving in. As such, I popped along yesterday to have a look again at it properly, and I’ve now got the keys! Very exciting, and I much enjoyed just sitting in the big leather chair and trying to think of all the things that I’d need to sort out to properly imagine working there. I think most notably the place needs some coffee! Can’t think straight without coffee. Here are some pictures so you can judge for yourself – it’s bare just now, but I’m sure I’ll manage to get some character in there soon enough.

Our lovely view (it’s 3 floors up)

Nice big leather chair for my desk. A bit ratty, but hey, furniture that’s free you can’t complain about.

Pete gets the littler desk (have to enforce my dominance over the proles somehow)

And room for “employee number 3” when they turn up.

So, once there’s an obligatory Lara Croft poster up, PCs with cables trailing all over the floor, and a whiteboard or two covered with cryptic programmer like notes, I’ll post some more pictures for you to compare. I’ve also got to update the website with the new address and directions to us, but I think I’ll wait until we’re all properly installed. Have to make the move go pretty smoothly though, as we’ve got lots of work on in the next month, and not too much time to do it. So I should get back to it!

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