Almost a month without posting – that’s very bad of me. We’ve been going all out to meet varying deadlines for Add Knowledge – most notably some demonstrations to senior politicians to enthuse them about the project. All has seemingly gone well, but not without a serious amount of effort for all concerned! Hopefully we’ll start to see some movement on the project proper soon as a result. We seem to have tamed the worst of the PSP, and although the debugger we’re using is horrible, it’s not been too traumatic to get our previous work converted over to the PSP and add some more features.

We’ve also been in the new office for a month now as well – it’s working out better than I had hoped. I was pretty productive working from home before, but something about being in an office environment focuses the mind somewhat, which is good. Having a space where Pete and I can collaborate when he’s working on our stuff is a good thing too. I’m determined to get a white-board soon though, as it’s really hard to communicate structure concepts when you’re drawing on paper or post-its.

Anyway, today I came back early, as I have two new cats that I went to pick up today. Lots of mewling and meowing, but they’ve settled quickly in the flat. Cats seem to be scarily good at making themselves at home wherever they feel like, so hopefully they’ll not mind too much when I leave them on their own tomorrow. Breakables hidden away in drawers first I think though.

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