Our pile of cards

And so we finally wrapped up the latest work we’ve been doing for Add Knowledge yesterday, with a trip up to IC-CAVE at Abertay to drop off the PSP kits and an archive of the final software. Our Scrum board has been slowly shuffling cards over to the ‘done’ side, and now it’s all neat and tidy.

Job done!

Just in time for me to strip them all off and put them in a drawer. I should really look over our velocities and backlogs for the last part of the project, but for now I think it’s time to put it to one side. All in all we delivered what was asked for and on time, despite having to shuffle things around for a big demonstration in early October, so I think we can be satisfied with our recent efforts.

I think I’ll be spending the rest of the day making sure everything is tidied up after the deadline and that all the little bits of admin I’ve been putting off get done. Then, time for a relaxing weekend, and maybe some time finishing off Phoenix Wright 3.

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