Working from home


  • 40 minutes saved walking to and from office = 40 minutes extra work time
  • Hot tasty food for lunch instead of just sandwiches
  • Can use break time to go out and do much needed food shopping


  • Cats alternating between walking on my keyboard while I’m typing, and lying nearby looking grumpily at me because I’m not playing with and/or feeding them
  • Harder to concentrate (see point about cats)

Well, I think it’s about even on those. Never mind – back in the office tomorrow, so Bertie won’t starve to death in my absence. Working on a Saturday you say? Well that’s down to the sheer volume of work we’ve got on at the moment – the quiet time from before Christmas has been replaced by a deluge, and never one to shy from a bit of hard graft, I’m working a bit extra. I’m pretty confident we’ll settle back into a normal routine once both contracts are established, but for now it’s a little chaotic. Certainly I’m well aware of my previous rants about 9-5, Monday to Friday being the only sensible way to work, but at least temporarily I’m happy to push a little more if it means we deliver what the clients need.

Oh, and with regards to people who have emailed me lately about recruitment, I apologise for the delay in getting back to you, but paperwork has been somewhat shuffled to the back of the agenda. The situation will be rectified soon, I promise.

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