Taxes, those taxes, they crush me…

A brief hiatus this morning, while staring at a freshly cleaned desk, covered in forms and booklets from the Inland Revenue, trying to figure out how to sort out my status as a new employer (technically I’m not self employed, rather I’m employed by the company of which I’m sole owner. Yes I know that sounds like self-employed, but apparently its not. Go figure). Thankfully, a quick call to the New Employers Helpline revealed that I’ve actually done all the work already, by just calling them up and registering as an employer. So much easier when you’re paying yourself nothing.

Anyway, in more relevant news, I’ve settled on a design for the initial project, and put up a draft of the high-level design on the forums (if you have access there). What does this mean? Well it means that we can concentrate on refining that design, and crack on with getting a demo up and running while we’re refining.

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