Adventures in Wii-land

I was debating with myself over whether or not to attach a picture of our Wii development kit to this post to add a bit of colour. In the end I decided not to, as you could probably construe it as a breach of our promise to Nintendo to keep everything super-secret and hidden. Boo-hiss. Anyway, suffice it to say that we’re taking advantage of a lull in our work-for-hire burden to devote to our own game prototyping. For future reference, I’m going to talk about it as Biscuit, because that’s the name I use in all of our planning documentation. The name doesn’t really have any relation to the work we’re doing, I just liked the idea of a biscuit powered engine.


Conjures up all sorts of images. 🙂 So yes, the development kit has been dusted off, the stories board has been cleaned out and refilled with relevant story cards, and we are ploughing through the mountain of documentation for the Wii and getting stuck into getting our test game ported over. Much fun!

In other news, since he made grumbling noises when I asked him to write a blog post, I feel compelled to announce Pete’s news that he managed a First from his Software Engineering degree – we’re all quite proud. So I think that’s three Firsts and a Masters for Charlotte: I wonder if that qualifies for some sort of tax break. Probably not. :-/

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