Monday morning blues

Well, another week starts with a flollop onto the work chair. After a lovely sunny weekend, its back in the office, looking out at a damp, humid, gray-skied morning.

Anyway, back to the real stuff. Not a huge amount of demo progress on Friday, as I decided to help the Torque engine people out by fixing all of the Level 2 warnings in the libraries. Since they were pretty much all sloppy coding styles, it meant they were all over the source code, and so I got a whistle stop tour of the code-base and I think I’ve absorbed some of the methodologies they use. I might have an uphill struggle to actually get the developers to merge the fixes into the engine though, as the developer who initially said “that’s great, go for it” has since said “I don’t like typecasts”, which given the fact that the warnings are all because people were ignoring types and implicitely casting between them, is a bit of a cop-out. Luckily, someone there does things properly, because some of the code was cast correctly, so there’s a precedent which should make it more amenable to him.

So, the code I have now compiles at warning level 2, and I can turn on warnings as errors and have it be useful. Looking over the code also gave me quite a lot of reminders as to all the things that need to be specified in the coding standards document, which I’ll be working on today.

Also on the agenda: still to mock up the space station level needed as a test-bed, as well as a first pass at a task-list for the demo. More business/funding things need done this week, but not till Tuesday or Wednesday.

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