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Well, a bit of patience appears to have paid off with respect to finding a new office for us. Or at least, a bit of religious checking of Gumtree’s office space section every morning. I shouldn’t really count our chickens before they’ve hatched (as we’ve not signed the lease yet), but the new place is looking good. It’s just round the corner, so still nice and central for all four of us; it’s about half again as big as our current place (although the rent has gone up commensurately); and it’s generally just a nice space for us. As it’s still being renovated, when I went to see it was still somewhat rough around the edges, but that’s just the sort of place I like anyway.

We’ll probably not be moving until mid to late January though, as I’ve yet to get a final move date confirmed. BT and Eclipse assure me that if we give them enough warning then we will be able to switch our phone and broadband over without any hassle, which is nice. Even better though is the ability to keep the same phone number. Not that we use the office line for much except giving us a route to put broadband through, but I like minimal changes. It’s going to be annoying enough handling all the change of addresses as it is.

Still, I’ll be sad to leave the current office, it’s been a good home for the last 15 months. It’s a little hard to remember that right now though, given how cold it is. It will be nice to move to a place with working central heating and some well sealed windows! And of course we will miss the grumpy cat from the courtyard outside, who spends all day meowling loudly because it’s been left outside in the cold.

Grumpy Cat

Grumpy Cat

Mind you, once it’s been let back inside (as I assume it must be occasionally), it probably takes about 5 minutes for it to start meowing and griping until it’s kicked back outside again. Such is the life of an outdoors cat. 🙂

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