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Some discussion on the Chaos Engine about code reviews and check-in process had inspired me to write up a post on my thoughts on this, but on my morning trawl through my RSS feeds this morning it looks like Lee Winder has beaten me to the punch. He pretty much covers all of my thoughts on the matter, and I don’t think I disagree with any of his opinions, so hey, job done. šŸ™‚

In summary if you don’t want to follow the link though, I’d say code reviews are a good thing, especially as teams scale and there are differing levels of skill and familiarity with the code-base. They get everyone on the same page about what is being written and how it is being built. Pretty much all of the criticisms levelled at the process are from people who have had bad experiences due to issues completely outside the scope of the process. If your code review was useless because the reviewer was being a) petulant and petty, b) disinterested, or c) unable to comprehend the issues involved; then the issue is with your team ethos and make-up, not with the review process.

I want to write up my thoughts on the ongoing IGDA debacle, but suffice it to say for now that any interest I had in re-kindling the Scottish chapter have been well and truly snuffed out.

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