I really, really hate 4 hour commutes. Blergh.

On the bright side, I’ve gotten a fair amount of work done. Some design sketches as to possible environment layouts for the demo level, quite a bit of production work. Laying out initial milestones and cash flow has been good just for getting things solid and on paper, and seeing where work needs to be done to make the project attractive to external funders/publishers. Its definitely looking a lot more feasible and attractive than it was 3 months ago.

But the best part has been reading Scott Meyers’ “Effective C++: 50 Specific Ways to Improve Your Programs and Designs. I agreed with almost the entire book, and even the couple of minor points I found fault with, its purely because I’m looking at it from a games point of view rather than a regular software view. Anyway, the book is now required reading for anyone who will be writing code for the Company. I’ve still to finalise the coding standards, but this book will form the core of the C++ side of things. If anyone wants to borrow my copy they can, but I strongly recommend you buy it yourself. I’m ordering the follow up book as we speak, I’m sure it will be equally useful.

4 Responses to “Urgh”

  1. PeterM Says:

    Design Patterns is also a very good book. You’ll probably recognise all the patterns in there from past use, but maybe just didn’t know their names.

    If you like Effective C++, you’ll probably also like http://www.gotw.ca

  2. MrCranky Says:

    Whoah. Not sure I can trust a man with a ‘tache like that! Books look interesting though.

  3. PeterM Says:

    Yeah hehe. Did you get Effective C++ from Klaas? I got Exceptional C++, which you can borrow if you like.

  4. MrCranky Says:

    No, I have Exceptional C++ already, cheers. Effective was on a recommendation from Phil, so I went and bought it (and the sequel). Its been ages since I bought a software book, I thought I should. Just to show that I’m still a programmer really, honest. 😉

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