The accursed day-star

It burns me so

It might just be my Scottish breeding showing through, but when it’s hot like this, I just want to curl up into a ball and die. It doesn’t start that way; I just wince a little at the bright sunshine and shade my eyes. After that, I gripe a little when it feels like the sun is scorching down on me when I have to go to or from the office. And the sweaty back from hardly any exercise makes me grumpy. But after 6 solid days of unrelenting, stifling heat with no respite, I start cursing the sky and generally rambling on and being  this mad old bastard that is having trouble dealing with the world.

I think it’s the fact that I’ve done everything, up to and including lying in a bath of cold water, and it only gives me a temporary break from the heat. I do realise there are many places hotter than 30 degrees out there, that’s fine, I wouldn’t want to be there either. I like Edinburgh’s climate. It’s cold and it’s grey and it’s windy, but you know what? I never find myself sitting in a chair in a stifling room, knowing that every other room in the damn house is worse, thinking about how  nice it would be to just get a single bloody nights sleep. Against all my pre-conceptions about the way the world is supposed to work, it doesn’t get any cooler at night. I can’t even see the sun, why is it still so damned hot! Anyway, you get the picture. Heat = grumpy Chris.

I made a trip into London on Saturday (where it was equally hot) to meet up with some folks from The Chaos Engine, which was nice (if too hot). I made the joke with Professor Schminky that a meeting of industry people who know each other only through an anonymous internet forum was bound to be fraught with issues, but it turned out my suggestion that we all wear paper bags over our heads with our forum avatars printed on the front was unnecessary. Thank Jeebus for that, because it’s really hard to drink wine through a paper bag.

That’s about all the interestingness I’ve had the mental capacity for recently. Tim tells me that Edinburgh is suffering the same blistering heat that Reading is, but at least he’s in a basement office with a north facing window. Right now I daydream about being back in the office, just because I know how lovely and cold it can get. Mmmm, cold…

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