Building a better company

Another good piece from Joel on Software, talking about getting good people and doing good work, rather than trying to be that one company in a thousand that comes up with an idea no-one else has ever thought of. As for hiring staff with good working conditions, what can I say; the Company is based in Edinburgh! What else do you need! 🙂 Oh well, okay then, I’ll buy dinner for the staff. But no dessert. And you fill up on breadsticks or poppadums, right?

3 Responses to “Building a better company”

  1. PeterM Says:

    Good article.

    I would think it’s very hard to get really good programmers, since you don’t know if they’re good until they’ve worked at the Company for a while. Unless you’ve got a stellar interview process.

    And by that I’m not saying I’m really good, or even just good. I know plenty of mistakes I’ve made at previous employers, but I do give a crap about the end software quality.

    Also, many people just don’t *love* software like they need to (is that weird?) to write good code, and are just there for the ego of working in games.

  2. MrCranky Says:

    “Also, many people just don’t *love* software like they need to (is that weird?)”

    Weird? Well, I wouldn’t use it as a first line in trying to pick up chicks. 😉

  3. Fellblade Says:

    I dunno, the “I like blowing things up in space-ships” line worked for me…

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