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Well, you might have noticed that your old bookmark for this blog takes you to our shiney new front page now – its a bit of a different colour scheme, but I think its nice and crisp and clean. Certainly adds to the professional feel of the site anyway, rather than everyone just happening across my ramblings as their first exposure to the Company. 🙂

Or possibly you haven’t noticed, as you’d subscribed to the RSS feed, which used to be located at, but which is now located at But, if you’re only listening through the rss feed, then you won’t know that this entry is here at all. Um. Let me go hack up an xml file which simply redirects to the new RSS feed.

Anyway, entertaining few hours spent making up the new Home and About pages – certainly it reminded me how to write web-pages. Since I don’t have FrontPage or any other web page editing software, I was doing it by hand editing the HTML/CSS. Not as time-efficient as using a tool, but it really brought back all the nuances of coding HTML that I’d forgotten.

CSS and CSS2 are great things – you can build some really great things with them, but its incredibly frustrating to make a great page which ‘just works’ in Firefox, only to find that Internet Explorer gets it totally and completely wrong. Now these aren’t even really strange things – in terms of CSS I can see exactly what I’m describing in the language, and it makes total sense. Firefox gets it right and does just what I expect; its just that IE’s implementation is just plain wrong. There’s no other way to describe it. Its like the developers heard of CSS and said “oh, that sounds quite good, lets mash something like that in”. Its nominally the same, it has all the right keywords, they just don’t do what they’re supposed to!

So anyway, my lovely clean pure CSS layout which scaled and clipped nicely with whatever size the browser window was got trimmed back and trimmed back until its basically a fixed layout website, with the only cool feature being that the black band that forms part of the logo extends all the way to the right edge of the browser. A little disappointing, but many lessons learned for any other web development work I have to do.

One Response to “New front page”

  1. RealDark Says:

    It looks good indeed, should certainly inspire prospective investors with confidence. Good to hear everything coming along nicely and the enthusiam possibly even growing!

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