At my old company, I always felt there wasn’t enough life around the office. Okay, so it’s a games development company, so technically a ‘hostile living environment’ for most plants (animals, and lets face it, developers), but I liked to buy plants to make my desk feel a little more healthy. My old co-workers will attest to the hardiness of the various plants which did survive, and there were always replacements for the ones that ended up little more than twigs in a pot.

But here at the Company, I’ve decided that things will be different. As many plants as we can keep alive, and now for added organic feel, we have a mascot! Ladies and gentlemen, let me introduce: Alfred the Oranda.

Alfred The Oranda

Why Alfred? Well, we realise the life expectancy of our mascots might not be so long, so some kind of alphabetical naming system á la tropical storms seemed appropriate. He doesn’t seem to move around much, so a bit like me, but I’m sure he’ll settle in fine.

Currently on the work agenda: looking at automated testing frameworks, as well as evaluating a game idea proposed to us recently.

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