Free wi-fi, we love you

Writing this entry from a pub in Brighton, a few hundred yards from the Develop venue. Turns out I lucked out with my choice of hotels, as it is just round the corner from the conference. Should make for much less scope for embarrassment after the post conference drinking. I’ll be doing my bit putting the company around, but there are far more interesting talks than I realised, so I’ll have to do all the networking and business stuff in the breaks.

All things looking positive in the deal I’ve been trying to sign – we won’t know more until the end of July, but we have (I think) an achievable plan, and a budget acceptable to both sides. There are still a bunch of obstacles to overcome to make it work, but I’ll be doing some work in advance of signing the deal to smooth the way, on the grounds that I’d rather make things easy now than hedge on failing to sign the deal.

Time to finish up now – looks like my table is being usurped by a funky looking band. One guy has a banjo, I think I’m going to run away now…

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