Outsourcing and Standards

Well, Monday and Tuesday were spent at the TIGA conference for outsourcing. Very interesting, great chance to meet people in the industry and make Black Company’s face known around the block. It also opened my eyes to just how the Company can go in the near future to cement its place in the industry and get a good financial basis for pushing along our own plans.

On an unrelated note, I’ve finished a first draft of the Company coding standards and made it available as a public wiki. Coding guidelines (as in, good ways to code, but not things which everyone’s code will be judged on) are still to come, and will be the fruition of many of the thoughtful scribblings done on the train to Dundee last month.

Things happening in the near future: going through some of the showreels and other various bumf collected from the conference (to assess potential outsourcing of art for the Assault demo), sorting out a TIGA application, buying myself a shredder (as I now have quite a pile of confidential documents that I can’t throw out), and sorting the details of a possible new contract in Dundee.

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