Backups, guidelines, and shredding

You know, I never realised shredding could be so much fun. Its a very satisfying noise, feeding your confidential documents into a shredder, and hearing them get slashed into ribbons. Plus it generates enough paper shreds to give about a gajillion hamsters warm and comfortable beds. I’m thinking perhaps we should get a hamster as a company mascot. Then, if we miss any milestones, we can simply claim that ‘the hamster ate the code’. That’ll fly, right?

On a less whimsical note, I’m looking forward to developing an script to automate an off-site backup process, so we can have at least a basic reliable backup mechanism to protect us against the worst ravages of hardware failures and/or arson attacks. Not that I’m expecting arson attacks mind, at least, not for the first few months.

Also on the cards – writing up various coding guideline items in the wiki. Probably I won’t give it any coherent structure just yet, I’ll just write it as individual items which can be given a better layout in the future.

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