Parking in Edinburgh

As of this morning, our second entirely internal app, Edinburgh – Parking, is up for sale on the iOS App Store! It’s a pretty niche app this time,  and combines the geo-location abilities of the iPhone with the rather complicated parking zones in Edinburgh, to provide a useful and easy to use reference for anyone wanting to know where they can park, and how much it’s going to cost. So if you’re local to Edinburgh, please do check it out!

While the market for such an app is obviously limited to those people with iPhones either in Edinburgh, or planning to visit and drive, it’s a simple enough design that we’re thinking of making equivalents for other cities with similar parking systems. But we shall see how people like this one before we tackle that.

Next for us? Well, we’ve got a very promising game design in a pretty functional state right now, so hopefully we’ll be able to polish that up and release our first game title! I’ll perhaps share some sneak preview screenshots next time.

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