Edinburgh Parking

Our second app for iOS devices is a very local app: combining the geo-location abilities of the iPhone with the rather complicated parking zones in Edinburgh, to provide a useful and easy to use reference for anyone wanting to know where they can park, and how much it’s going to cost.

If you have any issues, or suggestions as to improvements, please send them to: iphonedev@blackcompanystudios.co.uk. All feedback is welcome!


Quickly and easily find out where you can park in Edinburgh, what it’s likely to cost, and when it becomes free. Potentially save pounds on parking: don’t pay for parking in an expensive zone when there may be a much cheaper (or free) zone only a short distance away!


  • View all the parking zones on a fully interactive map.
  • Get directions to particular parking zones.
  • View a handy list of zones to quickly find the cheapest or nearest zone.
  • Quickly check when the parking zones will become active so you don’t get caught out and receive a fine.
  • Support for resident’s permits.



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