Thought I’d escaped most of the picture snapping at Develop – there’s a brief glimpse of me here about halfway down the IGDA blog from Jason Della Rocca, blatently staring, mesmerised by the free beer supplied by Codemasters, instead of taking the chance to chat to Ken Perlin. I’ve found a lot of his stuff really interesting over the years, but must admit I didn’t actually know what he looked like. Ken’s talk was the one I skipped to go to the ‘Strategies for Success’ talk. Think I took the wrong option there! Still, it was re-scheduled from the previous afternoon, where it didn’t conflict, just the way these things work out.

Also found the pictures from the Develop Industry Excellence awards which we tried to blag our way into. Here’s myself and István with one of the reception cuties. No, I’m not that drunk. Well, okay maybe just a little. It was free beer damnit!

Have had my head buried in spreadsheets and plans for a couple of days, although that should be done with now. I’ve got some web-development work to do, I have to call our accountant and get the 2005-6 year end returns filed properly, and then its on to working on some pre-cursor work for our big deal, in advance of actually getting it signed.

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