Well, after several weeks of plans and pitches and back and forth, we’ve come to an agreement to develop a pilot project for an educational title! Much relief on my part, as I can finally stop hedging on whether or not it would go ahead. We’ll be ramping up over the next month or so, depending on how long it takes to become a ‘Sony Approved’ developer, as well as taking on another couple of developers part-time (and no, we’ve already found the people, so there aren’t any jobs up for grabs I’m afraid). Still no office to begin with, at least until things settle down. Which is probably a good thing, as working remotely means we can do the work wherever is sensible, instead of being crammed into a little office where no doubt the air conditioning would have trouble keeping up! Not a good thing in this awful heat.

Once we get going, I’ll be prodding the guys to start blogging here to, so it won’t be just my incessant rambling you’ll have to listen to any more.

On unrelated news, we’re still trying hard to get a proper build of Brave made for the US market; the struggle now is to find a Sony Approved DVD burner and media. The fact that DVD manufacturers change models at least once a year seems to mean that the only models approved for making game submissions are the ones already out of production. Ebay is our friend now it seems! Anyway, a big thanks to 4J Studios for their help with trying to get Brave out (again).

One Response to “Hoorah”

  1. RealDark Says:

    Great new Lupus.

    I’m looking forward to seeing your efforts.

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