Privacy Policy

Thank you for downloading and using our apps. Both of our location-based apps, Scotland Coffee Lovers and Edinburgh Parking, ask you for the right to track your location while using the app. This policy page describes how we use that information and how it affects your privacy.

How we use your location

While the apps are running, they are constantly using the location information your device provides, to update what they are showing you. This allows the app to give you just the information you need. When the app is not running, it turns off that location updating.

Data storage and communication

We don’t store your location, nor do we track historical information about where you have been, even while using the app. We don’t communicate the location information anywhere, not even to our own servers. All of the decisions made using your location information are done only on your device.

We have no intention of gathering any information about our valued users, and you need not fear that any details about you would be available to either us or any third party. We do not expect this policy to change in the future, but if it does, a notice clearly stating the change would be displayed in the app itself, allowing you the chance to make a decision whether or not to continue use.

We hope this answers any questions you have about our apps and your privacy, and that you continue to enjoy using our location-based apps.


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