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Upgrade Season

Posted in Tales from the grind-stone on January 4th, 2006 by MrCranky

Well, hope everyone had a good Hogmanay, and wishing you all the best from all of us here at Black Company Studios. Well, from me at least. Okay, from me while I’m in a good mood, which probably isn’t for very long. Look, stop hassling me – don’t you have New Years resolutions you need to go and break?

Anyway, this years holiday season passed with only a bit of over-indulgence on my part, as I was mostly busy with web-development contracts rather than my usual lazing around the flat drinking and playing games. Some might consider that a bad thing, but I think my liver is thanking me for it.

It seems this time of year is upgrade season as well – time for me to pull my finger out and sort out all the upgrades which have been hanging over my head. PhpBB and MediaWiki both have minor updates, and WordPress is up a full major revision. So, you’ll excuse the occasional broken page here while I sort things out.

Update: Everything’s now up to date, although I did lose this morning’s post and have to write this one from memory. That’ll teach me to back things up and then write more content before upgrading!

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