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And relax…

Posted in Industry Rants, Tales from the grind-stone on May 30th, 2006 by MrCranky

Huzzah. Finally some time to chill out and calm down. Over a month of deadline crunch with Barco has somewhat taken its toll. Today will be entirely devoted to games and catch-up reading.

Some talk over on The Chaos Engine about the forecasted crash of the games industry (due to rising costs), and asking why the big publishers (EA, Activision, Ubisoft) aren’t doing anything about it. For example, trying to rein in the relentless next-gen march, even when it massively inflates costs. The general consensus is the upcoming problems are real, and largely inevitable; but that publishers aren’t doing anything now because they’re still making money.

Massively short-sighted in my opinion – its like we’re a big Katamari ball rolling down a mountain; the outlying bits (the developers and smaller publishers) are being smashed off along the way, but the inner core is just keeping its head tucked in and hoping it will be left at the bottom. Even collecting new bits along the way (as the smaller publishers/developers reform and try again) won’t help in the long run, not to mention the carnage that its causing along the way (in the form of massive venture capital losses). It will only take one bad experience investing in a developer/publisher that falls apart under the current development conditions for a big VC to swear off the games industry for good – making it even harder for new developers to form and build.

In other news – more rumblings about the future US release of Brave, for which I’ve been doing a little bit of work. More details as and when I can…

The next-gen decision…

Posted in Random Stuff, Tales from the grind-stone on May 14th, 2006 by MrCranky

…has been made, based on this breaking news. I was humming and hawwing about whether I even wanted a console, or whether I’d stick with PC (all the recent titles I’ve wanted have been on PC, bar none).

Speaking of which – stand-alone Tremulous has finally been released! No more need to dig out the dusty old copy of Quake III you had.

Boy do I need a holiday though – its been 5 months straight now without a day off (or at least, not one that I didn’t have to make up at the weekend). I’ve been trying to put aside time for side projects (notably a game pitch demo using Torque and some more website work), but its all been taking second place to the main contract for Barco and some other part-time remote work. Not to mention all the paperwork and faff that goes along with the financial year end at the start of this month.

Still, coming up to the end of the Barco work at the end of this month – high on the priorities list are: getting VAT registered (so I can splash out on a shiney new lap-top), finishing up this game pitch demo, catching up on all the GDC/E3 footage, and a hundred other little things on the to-do list that I can’t even think about until I can get a good solid week-day in the office. But all of that can wait until I’ve taken a few days to relax, as I think I deserve a break…

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