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Posted in Random Stuff on December 9th, 2006 by MrCranky

Well, at the risk of sounding like a total Nintendo fanboy: I’m delighted with the Wii! By virtue of some late night queuing at a 24hr Tesco by Pete on Thursday, we picked up a couple of consoles, and Zelda/Rayman. I’ll leave Pete to give his impressions of Zelda, I’ve been looking at Rayman and Wii Sports.

Basically it’s been a great experience right from the start – install went smoothly; all the parts feel solid and well constructed. The Wii-mote and nunchuck have a comforting weight to them, and don’t feel flimsy. I’ve been using the wrist-strap out of paranoia, but haven’t lost control of it yet. Last night was a wine fuelled extended session of Rayman with the girlfriend, who seems just as pleased and hooked by it as I am. I was watching her reactions to it carefully, as she’s really not much of a gamer; however she picked up the controls without any trouble at all, everything seemed natural and intuitive out of the box.

Rayman itself is a little esoteric, but the games make me laugh, and the lovely characterisation of the mad rabbits is fantastic. While I think it has some replay value, I think Wii Sports will probably get played more long term – especially with the fitness training thing. A lot of the Rayman mini-games and Wii Sports  games involve energetic movement, we were having to take it in turns to play as after a few we were out of breath!

Only minor gripe so far has been the fact that the News and Weather channels are offline, and that the Wii Shop channel failed to connect first time round. Other than that the experience has been great, and I’ll certainly be buying at least another Wii-mote (probably with the Play game) for multi-player fun. The girlfriend will probably be taking it to her family over Christmas as well for some fun games too.

Anyway, fan-boy ranting aside, I predict a glowing future for the Wii, and development on it. While the unique control mechanism is interesting and well implemented, I don’t see it standing in the way of traditional console gaming – since you can get just as much control from the wii-mote/nunchuck pairing even without using the motion sensitivity of the controls. I’d love to have the opportunity for us to develop on the platform, but we shall have to see what pans out.

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