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I Aten’t Dead

Posted in Tales from the grind-stone on May 26th, 2008 by MrCranky

A month without a post! That’s just not on. Bad Chris, bad! At first it was because I wanted to write a good post about our new team members! But then it was all about the long hours I was putting in for our Four Door Lemon work, to help them get a title out of the door. It’s never nice when you’re so busy you don’t have time for the little stuff, but I’m hopeful that things quieten down a bit now.

So yes: new staff! As I mentioned before, Charlotte Moseley and Tim Angus have joined Pete and I, to make a nice round number of four. They’ve both been beavering away in the office since the start of May.

Busy workers

Even better, now Pete is finally putting his degree course to bed, he’ll be joining us in the office full time as well. So definitely a full house, since our office is only really big enough to fit four people comfortably. We shall have to see about some bigger space at some point soon, so we have room to grow when we next feel the need to.

Smiley workers

We couldn’t let the first day with all four of us in the office go by without marking the occasion though, so I shooed everyone out of the office and round the corner to the Mercat for some celebratory drinks. The wonderful thing about having an office in the centre of Edinburgh is the ready access to nice places to eat and drink after work. Apologies for the grainy picture quality, but I only had my phone camera with me, having stupidly forgotten to bring the proper one! And of course I’m the cameraman, so it’s not a proper team photo. I’m sure we’ll sort one of them out soon.

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