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14 Belford Road

Posted in Tales from the grind-stone on January 29th, 2009 by MrCranky

Exciting news! And pictures!

We’ve finally shifted to our new place in Belford Road. It’s really just around the corner from our old place, but is generally much nicer, larger and more flexible than our old place. If you look back at the pictures of the Palmerston Place office it’s clear that we struggle to fit all four of us into the room, what with all the boxes and kit and other things. The new place has a lot more room to breath and so everyone gets more space. Plus we have a whole wall that we can have nothing but white-boards on, and I won’t need to hover behind Pete’s desk to draw on the white-board while he’s trying to work.

Enough talk – some pictures and a movie link:

Exactly what we’ll do with all this space I don’t really know yet! Obviously looking at the movie you’ll see the place is still being worked on – thankfully that just means that we get a good deal on the rent in return for putting up with dust and loose ends everywhere. But even with that, it feels like a much more creative space than the last office, a place that I can see us making games in.

In less upbeat news, we’ve been somewhat idle over the holiday period; one of our more important clients has had to stop giving us work due to a publisher they’ve been working with having trouble. So we are currently casting around for new clients and opportunities. Sadly that does mean that we’ll probably have to trim sails for a bit to get through the rough patch, and exactly what will happen we can’t really predict. And in the meantime we will just have to fill in our time by experimenting with some new gameplay ideas that we keep talking about but never get any proper time to do anything about.

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